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Question Toenail polish, concealer, and other makeup

My feet are terrible - especially the right one. Now I am less than 10 days away from flying to Vancouver, so I need to make sure only best concealer is on all of the areas that need it and waterproof polish that will last two weeks.

First question: Should I look for a slightly darker color or just light enough for a fellow swimmer to see I have some on? I don't want anything fancy or crazy.

Second question: What type of concealer should I look for? The choices I saw at Amazon are overwhelming because they look like blush with the color variety. I have to hide bruises on my legs, the scar tissues that develop when my wounds heal, and anything else that will be easy to see at the indoor pool.

I normally do not wear any makeup, but am considering that for the two formal nights and want to make sure if I do, the reason will not be just to hide stuff.
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