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Default Payment onboard-- Cash/Credit?

A quick question-- I know that when checking in you have to put down a credit card to get your Sail n' Sign card, etc.... but what if you plan on settling your balance with cash and not putting any charges at all on your CC??

Last year, on the Norwegian Sky, i told them I was going to do it this way at the Port of Miami, and though it was fine most of the trip, on the 3rd or 4th night my card was "rejected" in the lounge before a show-- I went to the purser, and was told i had to put down a deposit, covering what i'd already spent (around $300) plus what i planned to spend.. i didn't mind this at all, but i wish id' known beforehand...

...this happened again at a later point in the cruise, but the second time they slid a notice uncer my cabin door saying i needed to give them more money... then the last day, i got 56 dollars back from what i DIDN'T spend... it was very confusing and stressful... how can i prevent this on The Victory in July?

thanks in advance for the help,

Paul, aka Caribbean Green
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