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For a family trip with kids your age I would choose Disney. They can be more expensive obviously but less than a cruise and 1 day at Disney would be considering added costs of food, lodging, tickets etc. Adults tend to have a great time on board too as some areas are kid free so you can relax a few hours here and there.

Best beaches would be eastern Caribbean(St Thomas, St Kitts, St Martin, etc). Some cruise lines call this Southern Caribbean if you pick a 10 day it will likely go here as it can be a bit farther.

I've been to San Juan and wasn't impressed a bit poor and dilapidated but if you just get off/on there it doesn't matter. Every port has water sports like snorkel, jet ski etc so if the ship you pick visits San Juan then I'd do that here. No big sites to see.

I would pick RCL over Carnival for the adults and Carnival over RCL for the kids. Not a big difference but enough.

Hope it helps. If you have more specific questions let us know.
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