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Default Documents Held Up

I was bugging my TA as to where my documents were since my neighbors got theirs last Friday. The TA finally called Celebrity and was told that it was because I had not paid for the shore excursions I'm taking.

I booked them on line at their web site months ago and as far as I recall, there's no way to get out of that site without paying without losing your excursions. Celebrity saw my bookings but something fell through the crack and it didn't record or charge my credit card. Fortunately we found out in time and they are charging it today and my docs should go out tomorrow. I'm glad we found it in time as we don't leave the country until May 4th.

I prefer the way Princess handles shore excursions. One can book them on line but they don't get charged immediately like they do with Celebrity. They end up on your shipboard account on Princess and you pay for those when you depart the ship. Celebrity gets to use your money many months in advance which I don't like.
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