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Yah - nice to chat again...As per suggestions - One thing I can recommend is that u all book the same guarantees (it's the devil in me but just think of the 'fun' if 1 couple get a suite & the rest dont'...ah well just kidding)?. Odds are u will all get an upgrade and likely the same one..worth a try maybe?? As far as extra fees topic on RCCL site the subject lines are: Is The Bad Rumour Tru? - Stop Scaring 1st Time Pax? & Reason For Charging Fees JR. Appreciate your insight into all this. Some words of wisdom wld really be in order and perhaps I am missing something - wld like to learn..I have discovered a reason why some people are experiencing problem children on these cruises.Chat again soon - plse keep safe & as usual - happy cruisin!!
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