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We were there a few years ago - spent a week before the cruise on Oahu, then we did the cruise, then we spent a week on Maui.

I wrote a complete review on our website if you want to check out all the details about the cruise (go to the blog area). It's full of very helpful information.

Just a couple of quick items to note; this is not your normal cruise, so don't expect it to be like cruises you may have taken in the past. By that I mean, you're in port every day and in some ports you spend the night, so there are no complete days at sea. And this is definitely one cruise where you want to leave the ship early in the morning and not return until late. So, you're really only on the ship to spend the night.

It just went through refurbishment about a year ago, so it's a bit nicer now. But it's still basically a 2-star hotel taking you to the various islands. The service is very good, food is mediocre, entertainment is nothing special, and the cabins are nice enough.

I highly suggest doing your homework ahead of time to determine where you want to go and what you want to see. Then pre-rent cars in each port ahead of time, so you can do your own thing on your own time. This way you'll get to see more, do more, go where you want, eat in some amazing places, and have a whole lot more fun as well as spend alot less money. Definitely do not want to do excursions offered by the cruise line! One reason is they do buses and some places you want to see only have parking for cars. And with a car, you can stop at places where the excursions don't stop.

We stopped at a little stand on the side of the road where a young girl was making leis. Bought one for my wife that was wonderful that was really cheap. Also, stopped off at a little stand where a woman was selling her homemade banana bread that was the best I've ever had anywhere!

And no, they don't do high tea on the ship. But then again if you're on the ship at that time of day, then something is really wrong. Hawaii is definitely one place you want to be off the ship all day as there are some incredible places to see.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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