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Hey cruisecrazy--

Here's a short course on rudeness, pal:

1. The topic of the thread is "Specialty Restaurant Fees," not "cruising." Therefore when the "new" light pops up on that topic heading and it turns out to be one of your e-mails to your friend, that's off topic. By definition. And THAT'S rude. So cut the nonsense.

2. This is a bulletin board and I don't need to be invited to comment by you or anybody else, so let's be straight about that too. If you don't want comments by outsiders, take that stuff to e-mail where it belongs.

3. My point is exactly that I DON'T want to read your personal messages, and I DO want to myob, which is exactly why your e-mails shouldn't show up under the topic of Specialty Restaurant Fees--which in turn prompt me to open the string. Get it?

4. I think anybody who looks at it objectively will figure out quickly who's being rude. I originally asked nicely if you'd mind taking your off-topic personal exchanges to e-mail. But I'm sure you won't.
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