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I would definately try the Celebrity's specialty restaurants, at least once. The food and service is wonderful. If you feel it's too long, go with friends and you wont' be watching the clock.

The only other one I've been to is Portofino's on RCL's ships and enjoyed it as well.

I think it's worth any amount they charge. I live in Miami and lived in NYC and I've spent more than $100 a person on a mediocre dinner at the least and have walked out very disappointed and upset that a meal cost that much and it was nothing to rave about.

I agree though for someone who does not like or are used to gourmet food, don't bother going to the specialty restaurants, you will not enjoy it.

Even though I usually skip at least two of the courses, I always have room for the deserts.

I'm glad they offer them on the ships, it's a chance to dine in a 5-star restaurant for the small amount that they charge.

Now St. Thomas and jewelry....that's my biggest expeditures.
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