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Originally Posted by lulu48 View Post
Pete I agree
I think the travel industry is trying to drive TA's nuts
Back in the day before internet you had to call the tour operators/cruise lines then relay the info to your client
then the clients asks well what if I choose a different cabin you are on hold for another 30 mins with the cruise line
then the clients want to book you now get a different story after sitting on hold again for the res dept

You got that right!! Even now, I hate calling the cruise lines cause we can still be on hold for 15 to 30 minutes, then we answer all the questions for the clients and they'll ask for something else we need to call about, and the process starts all over again. I've learned to become very good at multi-tasking!

But sometimes the internet can definitely be a big pain in the a**! Each cruise line has their own booking engine, they're all different, and none of them are all that great.

But even after all that, I still enjoy working with my clients, because they are the ones who make it all worth while.

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