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Hi Pete (and all!),

I have just found this forum and it seems to be a great resource so far, I have already spent a fair bit of time researching.

Firstly Pete, thanks for the great comparison article. River Cruise Advisor has many great pieces of content like this.

I do have a question which you might be able to answer; my wife and I are looking to go on our first cruise, and have been looking at the different comparisons of companies and cruises that are out there that go along the Rhine. I am finding it is quite a task to bring it all together between reviews, cruise company reviews and then cruise itineraries - and on top of it all, we are wanting a list of Danube-only cruises to choose from, as we particularly want to visit Budapest and Vienna again.

So far I have found the lists from the individual cruise companies, which sort of defeats the purpose of having them all in one place. I have found this website so far which has been a big help, as it has most of the big companies listed that run cruises on the Danube The 10 Best Danube River Cruises with 16 Reviews - TourRadar , although they don't seem to have many reviews on all their cruises (these are easily sourced elsewhere though).

Does anyone know of any other places where I can find a list of Danube-only cruises in one place?

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