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Tipping is always a personal thing. What one person will consider too much, another will consider to be not enough.

In the days before automatic gratuities when we use to provide cash gratuities to our servers and stateroom attendants, many people would not leave anything. We'd show up for dinner on the last night of the cruise and there were a huge number of empty tables because people wouldn't show up in order to avoid providing a gratuity to the servers.

Personally, I'm not in favor of automatic gratuities, because it takes the personal touch out of handing cash to the people who make your cruise special, shaking their hands, and letting them know how much your appreciated their service. But I understand why many people like the hassle-free approach.

But as for providing additional gratuities, it depends on the cruise line as to how this is handled. For example; on Princess, if you give a cash gratuity to your stateroom attendant, they are required to turn that over to the office, so it can be shared with everyone. If they don't, they can lose their job.

So, it's always best to ask your agent how your cruise line handles additional gratuities to insure you're following protocol.

Here's another thought; while cash is obviously preferred by many, if you find it will be shared with others, you might consider giving a personal gift. They are usually allowed to keep those and often have a big impact, since it's something more personal than cash.

We once had a stateroom attendant that we got to know fairly well and during a conversation about her family and how it's tough being away from her children, she happened to mention she would be missing her daughter's birthday in a couple of weeks. While we were in port, we just happened to see a beautiful doll that we couldn't pass up. When we gave it to her and told her to send it to her daughter for her birthday, she cried. She said no one had ever given her a gift before and we could tell how much it meant to her. Made for a very special memory.

Great info. Thanks Pete.
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