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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin View Post
NCL America, under US Labor Laws, cannot legally test, enquire, or discriminate for HIV. Most other cruise lines require an HIV test before hire.

I passed the interview to work as a sales person, I can speak 4 languages, one of them is Mandarim. I went to the embassy to issue my visa to travel to USA to be onboard on NCL, few week before the departure I got the result of my exams, I couldn't expect NOTHING bad about it because I was feeling like a super man, totally fine with my health, but never in my life I could image that some day I would be part of this and would be seen by others differently.... With a result of HIV positive! After that I lost my floor, future, life.... I couldn't make plan anymore.... But, fine I got Jesus and quickly recover myself, started the treatments with ARV, and knowing that from now on I will need to change my life for better! Working out, eat well and no more alcohol or thing that can harm my health! I can't work at NCL because they don't want a crewmember with such conditions, maybe they are still living on 80's, but I am not angry with that, I am totally fine, and I WILL work in a another cruise ship line and be the BEST, because nowadays it is possible to control the virus and be like anyone else, the problem is tee society with low knowledge and information to make people feel they are nothing, but what to expect about negative people, right? With my new condition and healthier (because I got a gym, a nutrition doctor and will make check up exams every six months) and of course, totally positive with the life!!! Bye NCL and Welcome cruise line from 2017!!!!
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