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Default Re: LAUNDRY

I don't understand the lack of laundry facilities by Celebrity.

What would be the harm in having a few coin operated washing machines on each deck. Seems like it would raise more revenue than it would take away from the laundry, as most people only have laundry done on an emergency basis while on a cruise, but would probably do a load or two of laundry if they could do it themselves.

The irons are a fire hazard. We asked our butler up front if we could use the small travel iron we brought with us on our first cruise and were cautioned about the safety risks - and to be sure to unplug it, not just turn it off when done, which we always do anyway, but said it was OK to use it. Guess if you have to ask for it rather than it just being automatically in the room they are more aware of who has one and to watch for it.
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