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Default Re: cream teas on the constellation

Finally - someone who knows the difference between high tea and cream tea!

Celebrity serves afternoon tea, with tea sandwiches and cookies each afternoon. In the suites, your butler brings the tea cart to the suite door and serves your tea. I understand that the others are served in a dining room buffet style, but everyone said it was wonderful.

On our 14 night caribbean cruise last Feb, there was a special captains club afternoon tea, very fancy with gloved waiters and champagne and nicely served. It's a very nice touch and serves its purpose of tiding you over til dinner time.

From a friend of mine who operated a tea room for years - most Americans will ask for or refer to "afternoon tea" as "high tea" (thinking it means "high class") when it actually originated as more of a free afternoon meal for the working classes including meat and potatoes served free in pubs and served standing, thus the "high" tea reference - (served on high tables). She was always amused by those who tried to impress everyone saying they had been to high tea, when they were saying in reality was they had been to a working class meal served free in a tavern.
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