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Default Is Celebity better than Carnival?

We just returned from our first cruise on Carnival's Elation. We were very dissappointed!!!!! We travel alot but never wanted to do cruising, someone talked us into trying it and suggested we try an inexpensive, fun, ship to get the feel of cruising. Well, if that was what cruising was all about then I don't think it's for us. I felt like I was on a floating Howard Johnson. The people on board seemed like they had spent their last penny to do this cruise and had not done much other traveling. One night two women passengers had to be seperated after a punching brawl in the karaoke lounge! The food was horrible, the grill was so fly infested I was sick just walking by.(by the way, how does a fly get into the middle of the ocean?!?! ha ha)
I know I sound snobby, I'm sure some of you might bash me for that but the truth is we want a casual sophisticated cruise. One with good food, expemplory service, and exotic ports. We are willing to pay for what we expect. We just didn't expect such an eye opening experience on Carnival.
I have heard some good things about Celebrity but I don't know much about the ships themselves. Does this sound like a cruise line I would be interested in, if so, what ships? Thanks for listening to me vent....I just hate being an ass...
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