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I agree that some people love Norwegian and others don't --- I fall into the latter group. Beyond that, though, I think that a newbie considering Norwegian should know that they charge a bit more for their drinks, and therefore for their drink packages. I am a very light drinker and so never buy a drink package, but a couple of times, on other lines, I've had it thrown into a deal. Both of those times the package included both the drinks and the gratuities normally charged on them. When a friend recently encouraged me to consider giving Norwegian another try, I checked out the cruise she was interested in, which was being offered with the drinks package; and much to my surprise I found out that Norwegian valued it at something over $70 per day, and collected a gratuity on the full amount, in advance. I would have wound up paying more for the gratuity on my "free" drinks than I normally spend on drinks when I buy them outright.
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