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Joe Reynolds
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Default Re: Is Celebity better than Carnival?

I have jumped ship only once on about 26 cruises.
I have enjoyed all the rest of them. I have been on
the Carnival- Carnivale, Holiday and Paradise
I have been on the Royal Cruise Lines (now defunct)
Crown Odyssey and Royal Odyssey ( old Royal Viking Sea)
I have sailed Fairsky, Stella Oceanus and Stella Solaris,
Sagafjord (Sana Rose) and Vistafjord (Caronia)
Celebrity- Horizon, Summit, Infinity (x2) Constellation and Millennium.
Left the SS Veracruz in Vera Cruz Mexico because the couple that I was
traveling with were unhappy with the food and accommodations. It was
cruise that was for a benefit.
Sailed the Sun Viking in the Orient also.
Still, I am happy to say that I have never encountered the problems that you
seemed to run into.
It must have been some mismanagement that you encountered, and hope
you will not let this turn you off on cruising.
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