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Evelyn Richardson
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Default Re: cream teas on the constellation

I have travelled Celebrity several times. Yes they do have tea every day however there are differences.

Normal everyday tea is served in the "Lido" buffet every afternoon

A special "Elegant Tea" is served in the4 dining room one day during the cruise, for this they do ask that you "dress accordingly" it is a waiter served tea, little sandwiches, scones with cream and a selection of cakes etc. Very nice, I make a point of always being there for that.

However you can go to the Cova Cafe every afternnoon and get a small selection of cake, the goodies are free but you do have to pay a small sum for the tea. which does come in a little silver pot. You may also like to look in the cafe in the morning around 10 and see the selection of muffins, french breakfast pastries etc, again you pay only for the beverage

Just like the tea I always go to the Cova once a day

Have a wonderful time
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