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Default Re: No More Celebrity Discounts

Travel Agents should not have to cut their commission to be competitive in selling cruises. The cruise lines pay that commission because booking a cruise for a client involves a lot of work. Finding the right fit for the client, checking docs, special requests, applying discount coupons, ground transportation, hotel arrangements, advice on shore excursions and the list goes on.....This website is a great example of how uninformed people are on cruising. Most people in here probably have used a cruise booking factory to book their cruise and then they have to come in here and get marginal advice that may or may not be correct. The practice of commission rebating is just another nail in the coffin of the brick and mortar travel agencies accross the country. These people are forced to cut their commission to almost nothing because has the cruise for 90.00 less. Try calling this place for help if run into problems before, during or after you journey. You will be pressing numbers on your phone keypad and holding and transfering until the cows come home.
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