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Default Re: No More Celebrity Discounts

Well im afraid 9/11 and the airlines paying no commission and the internet has taken its toll on the Travel Agent profession. There are many Travel Agents out there now who actually have no or very little travel experience. The problem is the pay is so low that even with the discounts its still not affordable to most. RCCL lets TAs cruise for 40.00 per day plus tax. Thats 307.00 for 1 week plus gratuities and transportation expenses and shore excursions etc. Thats well over 1,000.00. In a profession that pays an average of 26,000.00 a year that is a lot of money. Having a travel agent that has never travelled is kind of like going to a surgeon that has read all the medical books and passed all the tests but has never actually performed surgery. A travel agent with great affiliations and credentials is fine but when im looking for a travel agent I ask them where they have been. Thats more important than if they are affiliated with Cruise Holidays or if they have CLIA certification or any of that.
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