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Default Re: No More Celebrity Discounts

Question for those who are understanding this better than I am. If all bookings will pay the same price, should everyone be booking onboard for their next cruise to at least get the shipboard credit? Up til now my wonderful local TA always beat the brochure early booking price but last two bookings (recently) it was same as the brochure. GUess this was the strart of it all....So now we are paying the brochure price & will not get the shipbaord credit. Guess we could re-book on board & then transnfer the booking to the TA--still getting the same price & the credit. We have 4 trips already booked ahead, so the dollars kind of add up! Eh--guess it's not worth it--we already have the cabins of our choice..but in the future we may have to consider it. A live TA is there for you when problems arise--not a distant 800 number or internet connection--
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