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Good morning, everyone.

I hope everyone is recovering from their leftover candy hangover.

Well, our new place had a total of zero trick or treaters. I guess the development doesn't have enough houses and with mostly us old people living in the homes that have been built, it wasn't lucrative enough for them. I think in a year or two we'll be a Mecca for trick or treaters. High number of homes, close together and a lot of people with grandkids. The problem I'm facing now is what does a guy do with two bags of Snickers, one bag of Hershey chocolate and one bag of Dove chocolate. Watch Mike gain ten pounds in two weeks.

We have only one more week until we leave for our Carnival Miracle cruise. We'll spend a couple of days in Long Beach, with friends, before the cruise so it will be a nice getaway.

Today is just a Costco run and that's about all that's on the agenda.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a great rest of the week.

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