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We've been on Holland America many times, including the Rotterdam. It's actually one of our all-time favorite ships. Reminded us of classic cruise ships. Relatively small by today's standards, which makes it a more intimate experience. Lots of wood and brass. And yes, they do have launderettes onboard.

We've also been on Celebrity many times and while we think the food on Celebrity is it's just a small touch nicer than Holland America, they are otherwise very comparable in quality. We tend to sail more on HAL only because the prices are usually better than Celebrity, so we can do more cruises for the money.

As for dressing for dinner, like most cruise lines, with the exception of Cunard and a few others, they have relaxed their dress code policies. You'll still see men in tuxedos and suits, but it's not unusual to see men in just a shirt and tie or jacket and no tie.

Personally, I've gotten so I almost wear just a shirt and tie, and forego the jacket. For one reason, I usually end up taking off my jacket right after sitting down, because I tend to get uncomfortably warm. The other reason is that if I'm flying, I have to be concerned about how much weight I'm carrying in one suitcase.

So, dressing for dinner on formal night has become less than what it use to be. As for all other nights, golf shirt or Oxford shirt is perfectly acceptable.

But if you like Celebrity, you'll like Holland. Enjoy the wonderful Rotterdam and let us know about your experience when you get back.

Hope this helps.

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