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Default Re: Century hints or tips

Thanks for the info. I used to visit and post on CC but can't anymore because I was banned. I had no problems on the Celebrity board, but had serious problems on the NCL board who's moderator is ....
well never mind lets just say that in the last month or so several valuable contributors have 'disappeared' from that board. I did see the 'Tell me about Century" thread but unfortunately did not copy it and now cannot access it. Also I can't get back to my roll call there amd think some members must wonder why the person who started the roll call does not post any more, however all that is a small price to pay for my integrity.

I guess I will look at my Century cruise as a 'voyage of discovery' and will try to find every thing out anew, for myself. Then I will return here and try to help future Century cruisers on cruisemates.

Thank you for answering my post, though. have you been on Century?
Sory just re-read your post and saw that you were last July. Do you have any secret hints or great places on the ship?

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