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Default Re: Century hints or tips

Yahoo! High everybody.
If we don't get enough for a party but still want to get together we should just pick a time and place and anyone who wants too can show up.

When I was banned, they blocked my ip address so I can't get on from my home computer. I can go to another computer I have access to and log on there but
a) that is kind of a nuisance and
b) I usually like being pretty straightforward about things.
Around the time I was banned several other posters also disappeared from the NCL board. Some were banned, at least one ( AlexMD) wasn't banned but resigned in protest.
Posting on that NCL board has, in my opinion, become kind of pointless.
When the moderator removes some posts because she thinks they 'don't sound sincere' but leaves others which refer to other posters as hateful I think it is time for me to move on.
I might sneak back in to read or pick up some info, but I don't intend to get back into the fray under a pseudonym.

I do miss all you guys from the Celebrity board though so if someone wants to set a time and place on the Century, I'll try to show up and pretend to be a Cruise Critic once again!
That is if any of us get to go. I'm getting a little nervous about all the hurricanes. Will there be anything left in Florida and the Caribbean by Oct2?
Where was soon2bemrs wedding planned for ? I hope this doesn't mess up her plans.

Anyway I'm glad to see some of you over here.
Happy cruising

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