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Default Re: Century hints or tips

I think Soon2BMrs' wedding was planned for St. Thomas, so she's OK (so far)... unless we have a hurricane-induced itinerary change! I'm more worried about my parents in Daytona Beach - they've had extended power outages after both Charlie and Francis... they're fine, but we're planning on leaving our 2 year old daughter with them during the cruise - I think a power outage with a 2-year old is probably a lot more of an issue!

I'm wondering if all this tropical activity will stir up the waters sufficiently that snorkeling won't be worth it in the Bahamas like we'd tentatively planned on... but that's a very selfish concern considering what the region has been through so far this Hurricane season.

We'll definitely need to meet for drinks or something if the CC party doesn't go off as planned... I'm assuming you can still get to the Celeb site to see how our quota is progressing.
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