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Default Re: Century hints or tips


I can still get to the site but not from my home computer. I have access to computers in 2 other places but they are both a short drive from my home so enough of a pain that I don't do it all the time still, I can check every couple of days. I think there is a cut off a few days before the sail date, to make the quota. Also I am leaving a few days early to go to Florida so we bettter decide about a meeting place about a week before the cruise I guess. Are you planning to go straight to the ship or spend a day or 2 in Florida visiting first?
We are supposed to be staying in West Palm Beach and I'm not sure if there has been damage to our hotel.. I am a little apprehensive but, like you, feel silly worrying about my vacation when people are having their lives disrupted.

With slightly older kids a power outage can be fun but even then, only for a limited time, more than a couple of days and the thrill wears off. With a two year old it might be harder.
We will just have to keep our fingers crossed that all the hurricanes are happening early this year.

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