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Default Re: Century hints or tips

We were on the 8/21 sailing and had a great time. We were disappointed with the comedian this trip they usually have someone good - This one kept asking why no one was laughing and if he had to cue us when to laugh. Otherwise they were about the average for celebrity entertainment.

Pool area was very crowded. We sailed with another couple. We would alternate who would get up and get chairs then call the others to come immediately to join them. We were all up and in the seats around 8-815- and many seats were already saved (of course they were empty though) by 9 there were no seats by the pool and the upstairs was starting to fill.

Our cruise director was very nice. As well as the rest of the staff. We did have problems with our butler (i.e. told is "I don't do breakfast the last morning" when it is in the daily that breakfast in your room was available and our friends in cat 6 got their breakfast delivered to their room). Otherwise all staff was AMAZING - and really worked hard to give us a great honeymoon. We had Sinan as our Waiter, Kumal as our asst waiter, and Andrew P as our Asst maitre d' - I would recommend all three.

This was my 9th celebrity sailing and I have to say I don't know if it was the Century or Celebrity BUT the food was the best it has been in YEARS. The first time my meat was cooked perfectly every night!

Try the martini tasting the first night - you can get it at the martini bar - not sure if anywhere else - by they give you 5 small glasses of different martini's for the price of one. It is a great chance to try them and see what you like.

They do a sorbet parade by the pool everyday around 2 or 2:30.

They do have cold towels when you board BUT it seems they only do them later in the day. We took some catamaran tours and did not get them then but they were there when we got off to wander around later on.

I don't know what you mean by the islands aren't so great - I have been to most of the islands at some point or another and think the ones on the eastern route are better than the western route (don't like Jamacia).

We did the Catamaran snorkel and sail to shipwreck cove tour and LOVED it - I saw a nurse shark, barracuda, star fish, eels, etc It is a nice sail out and back as well.

St maarteen we did the golden eagle tour and that was nice - DH had problems with motion sickness - it was a little more wavy than St thomas was. The snorkling wasn't great but the beach they take you to is gorgeous.

San Juan is only OK - if you have been there I wouldn't waste my time - Dh and I got off and walked around a little but wouldn't bother again. I have been there many times and since you are only there in the evening not much to see or do unless you want to gamble or go to senior frogs - but drinking and gambling you can do on the ship.

Nassau was ok - nothing that special - I am not sure how much time you have to get to paradise island as we are only in port for a short time. You can see Atlantis from the boat - since Hurricane Francis has been there not sure what condition the island will be in.
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