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Default Re: Century hints or tips

Benjamin Smith
Wow you gave me a real feel of the ship. I can't wait to see the crystal room sounds like my type of place.

Boy do I feel dumb. I was in a rush and didn't read the posts again ,just scanned to see if I could see you there and see if there was any update on the number of people registered for our party. I've been reading the other posts on this page and if you are looking to find me on board, I think the Martini tasting described above is something I will definately try to hit! I'm beginning to think about packing too or at least what to take.

Who was your butler? Did he do much for you during the cruise?
I didn't hear that the islands weren't very good but just that the time in port was the weakest part of this cruise. San Jaun ,as you mentioned ,was too short to allow anyone to do much and on a few cruises for some reason I think the ship was late getting to some of the other ports too, cutting down that time as well. Don't get me wrong I intend to get off and at least take a look around all the ports but, If for some reason we have to miss one or get in late, it won't crush me since that's not my real top priority on this cruise. Thanks for all your info.
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