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Default Seasickness: duration and prolonged medication?

Hi all,

I have some questions for all of you who have been using different kinds of medication against sea sickness.

1. have you ever experienced really bad seasickness (apathy, dehydration, loss of self control)
2. did any kind of medication stop it
3. how is your experience with prolonged use of these meds (multi week cruises)

If you can answer any of the three it would already help me a great deal.

For those of you with more experience and time to write I have more detailed questions:

Is sea sickness an adaptation problem that always goes over in a few days, or are there people who are and remain sick as soon and as long as they are aboard a moving ship?

If prolonged seasickness exists, can it be countered with medication, or is it always a bad idea to medicate sea sickness for longer periods of time? Are people actually at sea being permanently medicated?

Can you use a patch and just let it sit there, eventually losing all its agent, so that the effect kind of "fades out" while you simultaneously adapt to the motion, and thus "skip" the seasick/adaptation period by suppressing it with the patch? Or would you probably just start over with seasickness and adaptation as soon as your patch is empty?

Thanks a lot!
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