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Default Re: Century hints or tips

The situation in Florida does not seem to be improving and getting to this ship is becoming very problematic for us.

Limboman, how did your parents in Daytona weather the storm? Are you still on track to leave Georgfia when you planned?

The first resort I was supposed to be staying at pre-cruise, was damaged by Francis, and so we found another resort and booked there. Latest info is that that resort had slight damage from Jeanne but most difficult ,is without power and does not expect to open again until Sat, Oct 2. This leaves us with no where to stay pre-cruise and a 26 hour drive to get from our home to Fort Lauderdale.

We are still looking for alternatives but the uncertainty of Jeanne's path makes alternate arrangements difficult to form.
If I do finally get to this ship I think I will need a BIG martini at sail away and probably a long sleep immediately after!
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