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Default Re: Just returned from the Summit

Have been on both--Summit in March for that great itin described above (just now putting my album together so I am having nice memories!) We also took Constellation to Canada a few weeks ago. It was fabulous also...We did have Captain Papanikolaou. He was outstanding for the whole trip & especially the day we went to the Saguenay River--it was the first time for Celeb going up that river & he really handled the ship perfectly--going into a bay, sounding the horn--what a glorious day it was! Derek Habraken, the cruise director on Constellation is also really tops-very energetic & warm.. As for the ships--they are the same in design but each has it's own decor..I preferred Constellation--much lighter & brighter than Summit with its drab greys & browns & also the art was not quite as bizzaro! But that's personal taste. Also each cruise is different--we just were so lucky to have had two wonderful cruise experiences in one yr.. Nest one is on Royal's Brilliance so I hope we can adjust to the food & different approah--but we here it's a great ship! Can't wait
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