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Benjamin Smith
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Default Re: Just returned from the Summit


Thanks for info.

Perry Grant is with Celebrity now??!! That's enough for me to sail the Constellation again and I really don't like the ship. I saw Perry Grant on HAL's Veendam and he made the cruise. Like you say, he's a riot. He has a great schtick going and wonderful rapport with the crowd. This is a great development.

Captain Papanikalau's (sp?) first name is Ioannis (pronounced Yanni). He's a treasure.

Regarding the Constellation, I had Ioannis, and he was wonderful, but when I sailed her food and entertainment was very uneven and at times awful. Wait service was quite poor, but that's the luck of the draw in the dining room. The ship was sparkling clean, however. It really depends when you sail a ship and the personnel you encounter at the time, probably down to the head chef in terms of dining food. Regarding the physical ships, I'd give the Millennium a 6 at best. 5 for the three that follow. Lots of space and not enough variety of public spaces, IMO, with uninviting lounges and some space inefficiencies as well as insufficient deck space. And they all have almost the same decor, just different patterns and colors, but the furnishings are almost exactly the same.

If and when Celebrity builds new ships I hope they fix inefficiences and mechanical gremlins from the Millennium ships. And I hope, they actually make the sister ships with their own furnishings and personality, like they did the Century sisters and even areas of the Horizon sisters.
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