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Default Re: Ship's "SECRET" Cabins

What a great idea...I look forward to your article.

Just got back from Summit - cabin 9161 on Sky deck...Had a great time
and an enjoyable cruise...our cabin was OK, but Sky deck wouldn't be
my first choice next time because the balcony has a large overhang
above it from Resort Deck. We didn't have an obstructed view, but we
couldn't see the beautiful moon that was shining during most of the cruise...
just the reflection on the water.

Also, there was noise from above during the wee early morning hours...
sounded like something "rolling" above we were just under
the tables in the Waterfall Cafe, so the sound must have carried from
the buffet area as the staff was preparing for breakfast...the noise wasn't
enough to wake us up, but if we were awake, we heard it...we did get
used to it. Maybe an extremely light sleeper would find it bothersome.

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