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Default Re: I just dont get it............................

Trust me,,,,they are all great, and at times, they all stink. The very best, and the very worst cruises we have ever been on have both been Carnival, but in general, Carnival doesn't live up to what I look for in a cruise. Too many wild teens, too much drunkiness, and to many agressive people saving loungers, cutting in line, and raising hell in general. On the other hand, the best entertainment is probably on Carnival. My wife and I "generally" prefer Celebrity, because it's a good cross between the wildness of a Carnival Cruise, and the laid back, easy going cruise you'll probably get on HAL. That being said, from one week to the next there can be a tremendous difference on the same ship, depending on what passengers are aboard. Bottom line,,,,book your cruise, and enjoy whatever it brings. A bad cruise beats the hell out of a good day at the office!
Happy sailing,
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