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Private Idaho
I agree with you. Personally I am looking to see the difference (if any) in the food, service and general feel of the ship. We were able to go to the Mexican Riviera on the Celebrity Mercury for the same price as a Princess so we thought we'd try it. I have only been on Carnival over winter break (there were 5 of us and no way was I paying Celebrity prices for the entire family) and we had a terrific time, no rowdy teens, drunken brawls that so many people tend to suggest Carnival is all about. And you are right Ken, any cruise suits me fine.
We are booked on Princess again for Mediterranean in September. Why Princess? It had the itinerary we wanted. I cannot imagine being so devoted to one cruise line, but time will tell, am only going on my 4th, many more sailings to go. We are still hoping to step it up several notches and try one of the luxury cruises (e.g, Seabourn) for our 30th in 2006. Now that I expect will be significantly different (if we could afford it)
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