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Default Re: I just dont get it............................

This just goes to show us how we all have different opinions. I've sailed on Royal Carribbean & enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as Celebrity. I've sailed NCL & thought it was just OK. Let's face it comparing the food on Celebrity to a fine restaurant is crazy. Celebrity (and other lines) cooks for several thousand at a time, keeping that in mind, it is my opinion that the food is very good and my service has always been way above average. Entertainment is adequate. I enjoy going to Broadway shows & nothing compares to the Broadway experience, so for me going to the show on a ship is just something to do. As far as pricing, maybe I'm doing something wrong (or right) but Celebrity prices always beat out Royal Carribbean prices. I have not yet had a bad experience on any of my Celebrity cruises, so I will continue to cruise with them. I also would never tell anyone that Celebrity is better, it really is a personal choice.
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