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Default Re: I just dont get it............................

To some folks Celebrity it perfect and other it's the pits. The same is basically true of all cruiselines. They are all very close in the actual product but the differance is in the eye of the beholder and who the line is targeting. We were personally bored to tears on our Celebrity cruise but it was a long cruise with many old people who were unfriendly and often downright nasty. The entertainment was almost non-existant and the CD a complete snore. We also found the ship while tasteful a bit on the noring side for the most part and unimaginitive. The service was very formal and too formal for our tastes as well. Does that make them a bad cruiseline, not at all. They just aren't high on our personal list. We have found nice things about all cruiselnes and things that weren't quite so nice on all as well. This is why it is important to research the lines and ships by checking out the reviews both the professional and the average cruiser have written and posted here in the reviews area. Also understand that just because you have a dissappointing cruise on one ship of a certain line it doe not mean that you won't have a ball on the next one. We have had both extremes on a number of RCI and CCL cruises ourselves. Understand that the timeing of the cruise as well as it's lenght and intinary as well as just plain dumb luck can change quite a bit on how you percieve a cruise. I have seen reviews of people on the same ship at the same time that you have to wonder if they were even on the same planet, much less ship. Much depends on what you are seeking, appreciate, and the luck of the draw in crew you encounter.

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