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Default Captain's Club News

If you are a member of RCL's Crown & Anchor Society, you now automatically qualify for the same level of membership in Celebrity's Captain's Club. My wife & I are Diamond member with RCL but have never sailed Celebrity. However, a couple months ago, we booked the Summit for the Jan 16 sailing. Yesterday (12/30/04), I called the toll free number for Celebrity's Captain's Club to inquire about dual membership. Long story short: we both now hold Elite memberships in the Captain's Club and we will not have sailed Celebrity until Jan 16. Our numbers were assigned while I was on the line with "Jayanna" and today I discovered that Celebrity has added our numbers to our on-line documents that we completed about a week ago. We are fully qualified for all the perks of "the Elite" for our Summit sailing. Any other cruisers that are in the same situation that we were in should check this new program out!!

Jerry & Linda
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