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Default Prepaid gratuities?

The answers to this "string" sometimes did not match the question. I just got off the Zenith and have just booked the Summit for 2006. I WAS NOT asked if I wanted to prepay gratuities. What does happen, and as I viewed it last week, the majority of passengers used the "card" gratuity method. You will be given an opportunity a few days before debarkation, to charge your gratuties to your shipboard account. They give you the suggested amount for each person and you can adjust accordingly. You will then receive cards (maybe 3" x 4" in size) in your stateroom which become vouchers to those people you want to leave gratuties to. For your waiter and asst. waiter, you'll hand them the card (and they'll thank you) just like as if you gave them an envelope with money. The same for the others that you normally tip. I disagree that they have to wait two weeks for their money, unless it's included in their regular paycheck. We spoke with the waiter/asst. waited re: this method of receiving gratuities and neither mentioned a lengthy time to receive their money. All four couples, w/o group discussion, used the voucher method.
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