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Default Re: I just dont get it............................

I too expected Celebrity to be a little different, but I don't know what I expected. The hype was just so much I thought I would find heaven on the Connie. Was it a wonderful ship and great experience? You bet, they do offer a few specials that make them stand out like Champange opon boarding, the wet towels and the sorbet. This makes them stand out, not to mention the T pools on the M class ships. The service certainly was good, but not any better than other ships. Our grandaughters loved the entertainment, most of the comedian jokes I had heard or read a dozen times from email friends sent. We will cruise Celebrity again, we love cruising, I just don't see what makes so many thing this line is so much better than the rest. I would say 1/2 step up from HAL, NCL< RCI, maybe a full step up from Carnival. Just my opinion. NMNIta
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