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Default Re: I just dont get it............................

Kuki is our best judge on this one since he's been on all the most popular lines in the last year.

Hey I don't understand why someone would go on a Carnival cruise.

Maybe I'm a bit close minded but I have no desire to try Carnival, NCL, HAL or Princess. I would consider Radisson, but for what they charge I can go on two Celebrity cruises.

I have only cruised RCL and Celebrity and for my budget Celebrity is a great deal. I have been on 4 Celebrity and 4 RCL ships since I started cruising three years ago and I have gotten much better prices on my Celebrity cruises than RCL (much to my surprise, but much better for my pocketbook).

I have never had a bad experience on Celebrity. Like with anything, you experience it and then make your choice if it's for you or not.

I don't expect a cruise ship to have great entertainment. If I want a Broadway production I attend a NY Broadway Show. I've skipped many shows in lieu of sitting and listening at the piano bar or watching others dance. But it's the little things that I enjoy and service and considerate staff is one of them.

Celebrity does offer me a wonderful relaxing cruise with considerate shipmates and that's what I want out of a cruise.

It's all a matter of taste and what you expect. I never go on a cruise thinking it's going to be as good as my last great experience, but I have to say with Celebrity they have never disappointed me. I can't say that for RCL, but I'll still cruise them as well.

In general...I'm one loyal Celebrity cruiser.
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