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Default Re: St Petersburg Tour

Hopefully "Celebrity" will be nicer to the individual cruisers using "Red October" than "RCI" was to us this past May. Since we didn't book with the overpriced cruise tours we were forced to wait until "RCI" took us down to the "Customs" area. In the literature from "Red Octpber" they had warned us to be forceful with the cruise personnel about our rights to disembark but we also had to balance that with being civil. The second day, "RCI" wanted the "Red October" people to meet before ashore but we all pretty much just cleared customs on our own. Hope this admonition is unecessary for those of you going this year, just wanted to throw it out there as a possible bump in the road so you could watch for it. Be glad to answer any specific questions, Robbie

And yes, we loved the "Red October" driver and guide. We splurged (with the $ saved by not booking with "RCI") and had a private driver & guide for the full 2 days. What a fantastic experience!
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