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First of all I am a she not a he. The cabin I am writing about is not a family cabin and does not sleep 5 people, does not have a divider or have a great window seat looking out the rear of the ship. I thought the purpose of Kuki's request was to find specific cabins to perhaps avoid. I provided an exact # and reason: thin connecting wall which we didn't need and had no privacy. I thought that might help someone. This information would have helped me from making the same mistake.
Also, I read the review of Century on this website and it also states the ship has a problem with vibration and to avoid aft cabins..........I didn't take that advice and I regretted it every time we went in and out of a port. Maybe in the very rear of the ship where you stayed the vibration is not as substantial, but I can tell you in #1121 it was awful. Just one of the mornings we had hoped to sleep in past daybreak, but we were rattled awake, the stateroom shook so hard the safe behind the mirror was clanking its own tune. We didn't need a wake-up call or an alarm clock.
Don, were you on this cruise with us? When was the last time you sailed Century? Are you a paid Celebrity employee? I don't get it. I thought this board was a place to share information. I am giving my impressions of what happened in my stateroom to me on this cruise. I have sailed Celebrity before and I will sail Celebrity again, just probably not Century unless she gets drydocked. Why is my voice not a valid one?
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