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Default Formal night attire faux pas ?

After having just read months and months of postings regarding the "proper" attire
for formal nights on cruise ships, I have 2 comments to make. And one of them is
1) Relatives of mine (who are barely making ends meet) received a gift from their
children for their 50th wedding anniversary. The kids, none of whom had ever been on a cruise before, saved and scaped together the money to send their parents on this holiday because the parents had never really been anywhere. My cousin, and her husband, were in a state over what to bring for clothing, and were especially upset over their lack of "fancy clothes." I've been on several cruises, so I told them to bring what they had and not to worry about what other people wore. To make a long story short, they came back ECSTATIC over the wonderful time they had and the lovely people they met. They're still telling anyone who will listen about their vacation and their wonderful children who sent them on it! Had they had access and knowledge of how to get on this website, they might have decided against going on the cruise, simply because a bunch of snobs said they must "dress up!"

2) We were on an Alaskan cruise and our tablemates were from Texas. Every night she was dressed to the hilt, and he came most nights in a pair of shorts. He wore long pants, but no tie or shirt, on the formal nights. She was a doll, he was a jerk. They were also loaded, owned several businesses.

So.......maybe what clothes are worn is a situational decision, and we shoul all mind our own business.
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