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Default Re: Formal night attire faux pas ?

"In my view it's not those upset with what people are wearing who are the snobs. It's those who disregard the suggested dress code who are the snobs, showing total disrespect to their fellow passengers."

I couldn't agree with Kuki more.

The way a person views him/her self is often reflected in the way they dress. Their respect or lack of regard for others is also shown. Now, we are not talking about having fancy expensive clothes, but wearing clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.

For example, if you were invited to eat at the Captain's table on a formal night...would you show up dressed in super casual clothes? I think not! Well, shouldn't we show that same respect for our fellow table guest?

We have become a very casual society...some setting aside dressing up even for the most formal of events, because they feel they don't have too. Perhaps this has had a somewhat of a backlash effect, the growing lack of good manners and common courtesy we are witnessing.

Of course there can be unusual circumstances and exceptions...lost luggage, etc. But on the whole that's not everyone's reason.

On all the cruises we've been on...the formal nights were very, very nice. Everyone dressed nice...NOT ALL dressed in formal wear. Some wore dark sports jackets and slakes..the women nice pant suites or dresses. But all were dressed appropriate for the occasion. We found that it made the evening and dinner very special.

If on formal night one doesn't want to dress up...there are other eatting venues besides the dining room they can take adventage of.
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