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Default Re: Mille Eastern Med 6/20/05

Hello Everyone,

My husband and I also booked this cruise. We hope to see you aboard. This our first cruise it was hard for me to talk my husband in to going, since his job is working off shore in the oil company. He says his idea of a vacation is not being on another boat in the middle of the ocean. I hope this trip will change is mind. This trip was kind of last minute for us and I trying to decide about the excursions. My husband has kind of left all the planning up to me so any links would be helpful in planning would be gratefully apperciated, Thank You! (Nothing like last minute planning to get you frazzled) By what I have read so far on reviews:

Barcelona: I haven't finished researching but we speach spainsh also so I am sure we will be fine getting around.

CIvitavecchia(Rome): we need a tour- we were looking into grouping together with others on board to do a mini van tour. Anyone interested please let me know.

Dubrovnik: By the reviews I have read it is pretty easy to get around without a tour.

Livorno : I am told the train station is close by with taxi and Pisa and Florence are easy access.

Naples: you can walk to the train station(3 blocks) from the port and take a train to pompeii or sorrento.

Piraeus( Athens) : we are looking for others to book a mini van and one interested please let us know.

Santorini: I have been told no tours are necessary. An to take the cable car up to town and enjoy our time there. Then take a cab to the archaeological dig.

Venice: Everyone has said the place is completely walkable and with the shuttle taking you to the Plaza San Marco and Gadola rides are a must.

Villefranche: We are still undecided we are considering the Nice, Eze & Monaco tour from the ship. If you have any sugguestions please let me know!

If you have any advice that would help in planning this last minute 1st time cruise please email me Thank you to everyone who responds.
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