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Benjamin Smith
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Default Re: Coming annoucement regarding-- "Exciting News"

Actually, it's scary to hear about "exciting" news regarding any of the Century ships. The Century is the closest thing the cruise industry has to a modern day classic that was built in the 1990s. Most ships of the 1990s just aren't that distinctive. Hopefully, the size of the ship is maintained, nothing is done to classic public areas such as the dining room, Crystal lounge, and Michael's club, any balconies added are barely noticeable, and I really don't need a specialty dining room but if there is one, that it is placed where the current sky bar is. What would be totally unacceptable is the removal of a lounge to place the specialty dining room. I'll wait and see, but the most exciting news would be that the ship has been totally refreshed, and is a like-new version of its original self.
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