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Default Re: Formal night attire faux pas ?

I have to say I am glad to have a dress code or clothing suggestion. Itís in the brochures simply because so many people go on their first cruise and have lots of questions. Simplely people donít know how to act or relax on their first visit anywhere. I would not have a clue what to wear to an opera or to see a Broadway play, Iíve never been. Sometimes I donít know how to comfortably dress going to someones home for the first time. I do have to say the shorts for diner, more than a faux pas, it just unacceptable, the daily news on ship even says no shorts after 6pm. Iím born and raised in Texas and they will show there butts and money, when they really donít have any. Iím taking my brother on his first cruise and Iím trying to make him comfortable about his clothing at diner, if I donít heíll eat at the buffet every night. Yes I do wear a tux on formal nights and a suit on other no formals and dress down on causal nights. It one reason I love to cruise.

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