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Default Re: Celebrity vs RCI

We like RCCL much better than Celebrity. Yes, the
comparable rooms are nicer on Celebrity, but
that is about it.

Crews are much nicer on RCCL. Celebrity is a bunch
of stuffed shirts. Crew acts like they are really doing you
a favor by waiting on you on Celebrity. Also, lots of
fancy names for things on the Celebrity menu which
the average person doesn't know what they mean.
Celebrity has to bring the deserts around on a tray at
dinner so you can see them because no one knows
what the names mean on the menu. Celebrity's
idea of 'polished and refined' service is really just
their way of saying rude and arrogant.

And yes, before the bashing starts, I have been on
both lines many times - 18 on RCCL and six on

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